Peek Merle author and illustrator of Roll Over! A Counting Song – Book Review

This is a new version of the classic song Roll Over which begins “10 in the bed and the little one said: “Rollover! Rollover!” They all rolled over and one fell out. I assumed that these were stuffed toy animals the boy had crowded into his bed.

The illustrations appear to be pen and ink and watercolor. The pages are done entirely in soft yellow, blue, and white.

The little boy begins his night by sharing the bed with a bear, snake, rabbit, monkey, and so on. After all the animals have fallen out of bed and the child is “alone at last!”, he falls asleep. The animals are now pictured in a wallpaper border encircling the room below the ceiling. So, I guess they weren’t stuffed animals after all.

While this is a novel concept for the song, I felt the pictures were lacking in interest. They needed either more detail or more color. I realize the story took place at night, but since the words were already familiar, the illustrations needed to draw the reader in more.

Not recommended.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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