McBratney, Sam – Guess How Much I Love You – Book Review

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This is a lovely, gentle story about a bed time conversation between Little Nutbrown Hare and his father, Big Nutbrown Hare. It was nice to encounter a story where the father was putting the child to bed and expressing how much he loved him.

The story begins when the little hair asks his father to “Guess how much I love you.” So begins a sweet and humorous competition. When the little hair stretches out his arms to show how much he loves his father, the father stretches his arms out even further. Little Nutbrown Hare reaches as high as he can with his hands and then his feet. He jumps as high as he can hop, and on and on it goes. At the end, the little hare says “I love you right up to the moon.” Father concedes the contest. But after the little hair snuggles into sleep, father whispers, “I love you rate up to the moon – and back.”

The message that their love for each other is so deep he can never be expressed in words comes through loud and clear. The friendly competition shows the playful affection between parent and child. This is the perfect gift for a father to buy his child.

The illustrations by Anita Jeram are soft and endearing, reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s. She makes excellent use of white space. Pictures seem to be a combination of pen and ink and watercolor. The expressive movements of the hares make the words come alive.

Highly recommended.


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