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To submit a picture book for review, please include the following:




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Bio – up to 100 words

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I now only review paper picture book copies. Ask for my postal address. After I review your book it will be put into my Little Free Library.

While I would love to have more reviews of my own book, Amazon frowns on review swapping. So, if you want to do something for me in return, you could post a promotion of my work on your social media sites (ask me for a blurb and pictures) or buy a copy of one of my books as an expression of gratitude. Neither is compulsory.

NOTE: You must be a follower of this blog to submit.

Children’s chapter books may also be submitted. However, if I am not enjoying the book, I may decide not to read it.

What You Can Expect:

The review will go up on my blog. You may have to wait until it fits one of my monthly themes. I then I will post it on Goodreads, Amazon (if there), Shelfari, Barnes and Noble (if there), Librarything, and put a connection on my facebook page. To see how I review, check out the ones I’ve done by clicking on Categories and choosing Book Reviews.

I am fair but honest. I use respectful words and give helpful criticism to help authors improve their work. If you are an indie writer, I strongly recommend you have the book professionally edited before publishing. If your book is for sale, I expect your book to meet the same high standards as a traditionally published book. I was a grade school teacher for 33 years, 10 as a teacher librarian. I will always put the needs of readers first. Whether your family and friends loved the book is irrelevant. If you had your child write or illustrate part of the book, please DO NOT SUBMIT if you expect special consideration for this reason.

In return for taking the time and effort to review your book, I ask that you show respect for my work as well. It is important for authors to maintain their dignity and professionalism. You must agree not to post vindictive remarks against me or my review, to vote down any of my books on Amazon, or to rally your friends to give bad reviews. The more often authors engage in this behaviour, the less readers are willing to post reviews. It is for our mutual benefit to keep readers reviewing and reading reviews.

I will rate your book out of 5 thumbs up. thumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tinythumb-up-smile-tiny

Query me before mailing a book. I may not choose to review it.

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