Brown, Margaret Wise – Sheep Don’t Count Sheep – Book Review

Margaret Wise Brown is well known for Goodnight Moon. Sheep Don’t Count Sheep is also a bedtime story. It starts out rhyming and sing song, then suddenly breaks the pattern, and at the end goes back to the first pattern. The last page has the  music for the rhyming part. Unfortunately, I found the switches in style abrupt and disjointed. What started out as a soothing lullaby morphed into a completely different style of book.

The concept of trying to get a little lamb to go to sleep was endearing. He behaved much like a human child, too interested in everything happening around him to focus on sleep. If Brown had stuck to the same pattern, I would highly recommend this book, but as it is I don’t find it that satisfying.

The title seemed misleading as well. It sounded as though the story would be a humorous one wherein we discover all the things that sheep do count instead.

The illustrations are done by Benrei Huang and have a dreamlike, glowing quality. The softness of the lamb is reflected in the moon and clouds, the butterflies and flowers, and even the landscape.

This picture book does not reach the same level of quality as Goodnight Moon. I feel it could’ve been so much more.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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