Bachmeier, Paul. Illustrated by Scott Chasty. Barley the Elephant – Book Review

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Barley the Elephant is a charming picture book with witty illustrations. Scott Chasty adds clever asides to several pages that readers of all ages will enjoy. The expressions on the elephant’s face at each disaster are hilarious.

Barley is an elephant with spots in a classic tale of not appreciating what you have until it’s gone. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book, however, I thought the story concept was written for ages 3 to 5 but the vocabulary and illustrated witticisms seemed suited to older students. I would’ve liked to have seen a different problem resulting from the crocodile skin than from the tiger skin.

It would be a great story for reading buddies where an older child reads to a younger one or a adult reads to a child. I would suggest that, the first time through, the reader stick to the main story as younger listeners may find all the distractions confusing. It’s the kind of book that can be read in layers.

I was pleased to see discussion questions at the end of the book and factual information on real elephants. As well, a glossary explained several of the more difficult words.

Barley the Elephant would be a delightful story for parents and children to share and discuss.

I was given a free ebook copy of this for review.

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