Cole, Babette – Prince Cinders – Book Review

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Prince Cinders is a goofy retelling of Cinderella with the roles switched. Prince Cinders’s older brothers are big, hairy, bullies. When Prince Cinders appeals to a fairy for help, things don’t exactly go right. However, in a humorous twist Cinders is mistaken for a hero by a princess at the bus stop. (Why she’s alone at a bus stop on the night of a ball is beyond me.) When the Prince races off without his trousers, (yes, trousers) the Princess uses them to find him. The couple lives happily ever after while the bullying three brothers become their fairy housemaids. This delightful little story is complemented by comical illustrations. The good prince is rewarded and the bad princes are punished. An older child might realize that Prince Cinders’s relationship with his new wife is based on a lie, that he saved her from a big hairy monkey. But this story is not to be taken seriously. It pokes fun at sexism and stereotypes in a zany romp. Children will giggle at the final picture of the big brothers with pretty fairy wings, white socks, short white dresses, and hairy legs.

Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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