Mojica, Barbara Ann – Little Miss HISTORY Travels to SEQUOIA National Park – Book Review

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Barbara Ann Mojica has created another delightful picture book on an historic American site. Little Miss History takes us on a tour of Sequoia Natural Park. She teaches the reader the difference between redwood and sequoia trees. The author chooses the most interesting facts and uses her illustrations to clarify the information even further. The lifecycle of these trees is truly astonishing. Readers will be intrigued and amazed.

Although the measurements of the trees sound phenomenal, it is the pictures that strike home their immensity. Mojica’s illustrations are a clever merging of photographs with pencil crayon and marker drawings. She also utilizes humor to reinforce facts, such as using headstones to illustrate the lifespan of redwood and sequoia trees.

Mojica explains the history of the park and its importance. Her portraits of historical figures are remarkable. She ends the book on a somber note. Sequoia Natural Park is suffering from extreme air pollution. The author asks the reader what can be done about this. This picture book would be a perfect jumping off point for environmental discussions. I highly recommend this book, and the entire series, for those wishing to learn about fascinating historical American sites.


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