Floca, Brian – The Frightful Story of Harry Walfish – Book Review

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Poor, poor Ms. Leonard-Brakthurst has one of those classes. Those classes that don’t know how to behave in a museum. Those classes that don’t know what hands-off means. Those classes that loves making noise almost as much as running. But does she yell? No. Does she slam something heavy on the desktop? No. Does she threatened to send them all to detention when they return to the school? No. She doesn’t need to. Because she has the gift of storytelling.

Ever so slowly she reels in the student’s attention by telling them the story of naughty Hairy Walfish who was left behind in the museum overnight. Ever so subtly she spurns on their imagination until they are giving her their rapt attention. As the terrifying story of the abandoned Hairy unfolds, the teacher cleverly interjects bits of information about the animals on display. By the end of the story, her class has calmed and begin to listen to the teachers information about the exhibits.

The pictures are generally simple cartoons, but the author/illustrator skillfully uses them to convey emotion and action. This book would be perfect to read to a class before going on a field trip. A humorous introduction into what is acceptable public behavior, The Frightful Story of Hairy Walfish will delight teacher and student alike.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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