Fitch, Sherry and Janet Wilson – No Two Snowflakes – Book Review

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As a person who lives where snow covers the ground six months of the year, I was deeply impressed by Sherry Features understanding and descriptions of all the different types of snow. The protagonist, a young blonde haired blue-eyed boy, is trying to explain snow to his dark skinned friend, who lives in a place with no winter. As you read the author’s description, you can hear, see, and even taste the snow. She manages to portray detailed images through the use of poetry. Her words are to be savored. If you live in the north you understand the difference between slow feather shapes and splinters sharp snow. You’ve heard the rubbery squeak of snow beneath your feet. I’ve never heard such a perfect description of such a rich season.

Janet Wilson’s illustrations complement the words beautifully. Whether it is a child catching snowflakes on his tongue are a group of children engaged in a snowball fight, sensations seep into the reader page to page. This is a book that is to be read slowly, enjoying the sounds, examining the shapes of the words, and exploring the pictures.

At the end of the book, Fitch discusses the roots of this book. She tells us that “every book, like every person and every snowflake, is different too.” This book is for UNICEF and features activities at the end to celebrate your senses.

I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy snow and for those who have never experienced it. I’m tempted to give six thumbs up.


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