Becker, Aaron – Journey – Book Review

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After reading so many raving reviews about this book I was expecting more. Perhaps it’s a instance of overly high anticipation. It is a lovely book and well worth a look though not as extraordinary as you might expect from the hype.

A little girl uses her red chalk to enter a fantastical world and interact there the chop creates a door, boat, hot air balloon and flying carpet. While exploring the castle, the child discovers an exotic pink long-tailed bird being captured. She uses her courage and imagination to free the bird and bring it back to her world. It’s nice to see a girl exploring and being heroic, especially without using a sword or bow and arrow.The story is told completely in pictures. It would be a wonderful tool to engage a child in conversation about interpretation, prediction, and results. Well recommended.


Bonnie Ferrante: Books For All Ages


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