Child, Lauren – But Excuse Me That is My Book – Book Review

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This book would be a delightful introduction to the library for a small child. Lola is obsessed with the book Beatles, Bugs, and Butterflies. Every time she goes to the library, this is the book she wants to sign out. She gives an elaborate explanation about why it is the very best book in the whole world. Her big brother Charlie explains how the books are to be shared with the community and all the wonderful options available to her on the shelves, but Lola wants her book. She is dismayed when she can’t find it, and upset when she discovers another patron has signed it out. Charlie continues to try to interest her in other books and finally succeeds with Cheaters and Chimpanzees.

The story has a lighthearted but earnest tone. Charlie is a patient older brother in the face of Lola’s stubborn insistence. The reader can easily imagine Lola protesting through the dialogue and illustration. We can almost hear the squeak of the library chair, possibly a beanbag one, when Lola throws herself into different positions as she expresses her frustration.

Lauren Child does her own illustrating. The text is integrated with fascinating pictures which seem to be a combination of rubbings, watercolor, collage, fabric, pen and ink, and possibly photography.

There are other books in the Charlie and Lola series and the characters are also featured on the Disney Channel. I can see why her writing has become so popular. I’m sure your child to want to work his or her way through all of Lauren Child’s wonderful books. Strongly recommended.


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